Cammish Storms To Victory In Rain Wreaked Race 1

Dan Cammish has taken a thrilling victory after rain started half way through the race.

Early on, Colin Turkington looked unstoppable, re-taking the lead from Ash Sutton with Andrew Jordan and Dan Cammish further down the order. Around the half way mark saw Matt Simpson in the tyre wall at Paddock Hill bend, bringing out the safety car.

During the safety car, the rain started drizzling, not enough for the leaders to pit but some chances were taken but the likes of Matt Neal and Tom Chilton.

Once the race resumed, it looked like the rain had been light enough for the leaders to get away with staying on dries. The front wheel drive cars like the Honda’s of Rory Butcher and Dan Cammish showed they were easier to control in the conditions, passing the likes of Ash Sutton to climb up the order.

Dan Cammish took the lead with a few laps to go. He demonstrated his skill in the conditions, pulling out a gap that was vital to his victory. It was at this point the drivers who pitted really started to make some ground. In the last couple of laps, Matt Neal and Tom Chilton came through the grid like an 8 wheel train.

Matt Neal managed to secure a 1-2 finish for the Halfords Yuasa Racing team, both him and Chilton pipping Butcher on the last corner.

The win from Cammish with Turkington finishing fifth has meant the championship is now down to 7 points ahead of the final two races. It’s going to be very exciting!

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