Hamilton Optimistic Mercedes Will Return To Form

Lewis Hamilton is optimistic that his Mercedes will return to the top spot of the podium. Ferrari have won the last three races with Hamilton seemingly struggling pass the prancing horse on track.

Speaking in Sochi yesterday (Thursday), Hamilton said:

“At the moment I would say these last three races we’ve probably not extracted 100% on the weekend and that’s what we need to get back to, extracting (the) maximum.”

This comes after Charles Leclerc has had three pole positions in a row with the Ferrari looking like the faster car in qualifying. During the race however, it looks like Mercedes have the edge but they seem to struggle to pass due to the greater straight-line speed of the Ferrari.

“Of course, we love winning and we exist to win, so we’re still just massively driven to produce better results. Luckily, we have six races left and six more tries at trying to change the viewpoint and that’s just what we’ll continue to do. We’re by no means giving up, that’s not part of our DNA, so we’ll just keep pushing.”

The Brit has won over a third and been inside the top three in over half of the races he has entered at the time of writing this, so is no stranger to the podium. Hamilton is just 10 wins behind Ferrari legend, Michael Schumacher.

Speaking about Ferrari’s straight line advantage, Hamilton said:

“We come here and we’ve got nearly a 2km straight and we know how fast they are on the straight and if you look at these last three races, we have been stuck behind and not been able to get by. We are conscious of that and we’re just trying to figure out…it’s not a short-term fix but there are other areas we can do better on which could change the position potentially.”

He also said:

“Honestly, there’s no point in worrying because what will be will be.” 

“Remaining the leaders is not an easy task at all, so it’s understandable at some stage you’re going to have dips, but I still have 100 per cent confidence in my guys. We’re still the strongest team and, whilst it’s not been spectacular in the last couple of races, it’s not like we’ve been terrible,”

Lewis clearly remains contempt that his Mercedes aid him to deliver the results required to win the 2019 championship. He has a 65 point lead over team-mate Valtteri Bottas and a 96 point lead over Charles Leclerc in third. With six races left, that means 150 points are left up for grabs.

Mercedes have won every single Sochi race since it’s introduction in 2014, who do you think will win on Sunday? Let us know in the comments below:


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