McGreevy Wins Superstock 600 Championship After Thriller End To The Season

Korie McGreevy has won the Pirelli National Superstock 600 championship after a phenomenal final race of the season.

Coming into the final race, it was Shane Richardson who stood 19 points above the rest of the field. Even in the closing stages of the race, it looked like the New Zealand born rider would take the championship. Coming onto the last lap however, Richardson pulled into the pit lane with unconfirmed bike issues.

This left Korie McGreevy and Storm Stacey to battle for the championship. Whoever won the race, would win the championship.

Stacey lead across the line onto the last lap but Korie quickly took the lead. With a group of 9 riders, it could’ve been anyone’s win at this point. Storm went for a decisive move with 3 corners to go and seemed to make it stick before almost high-siding on the exit.

This not only let Korie back through but also TJ Toms and unfortunately, there was nothing he could do. Korie took an impressive victory with the top 9 riders finishing within 1.3s of each other.

Korie celebrated his title, saying in a live interview “He’d dreamt of this since he was a boy.”

Congratulations to Korie for a well deserved championship title. We’ve definitely got a number of talented riders on their way up!

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