Why do the Tifosi boo Lewis Hamilton?

The Italian GP saw the first Ferrari winner at Monza in 10 years, but that still didn’t deter the rather impressive Italian crowd booing Lewis Hamilton as he took the bottom step of the podium. Does it make you wonder and question why they feel the need to demonstrate their disapproval for the British driver? It’s something that we see, or should say hear, every time Lewis steps up to the ceremony in Italy – which let’s face it, in recent years has been pretty much every year. Lewis has won that Italian GP more times than any other driver and each year he has to endure the negative chants from the crowd.

After the GP this weekend Hamilton posted on Instagram “Italy, wow, your energy today could be heard across the world and for that I admire you so much. The passion you show is really special. The booing isn’t so pleasant but it’s ok, I can take it. I hope that over time things change and we no longer see booing in such a beautiful country. No matter what, I wish all of you positivity and only good things in your lives.”

A little later on he then posted a message to his own fans “I can’t begin to express how grateful I am for those of you that are here supporting me. Standing in the crowd full of so much hate, I salute you and acknowledge you as I saw every single one of you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

The Italian fans, known as the Tifosi are some of the biggest Formula One fanatics on the planet, united behind the team they hold high. Demonstrated by the sea of red across every grand stand with more than 90% of fans cheering for the Ferrari drivers.

Hamilton does have a good Italian following, but as he has beaten the Ferrari’s at Monza many times, is closing in on Michael Schumacher’s seven world titles as well as breaking many of Ferrari legends F1 records, you can begin to understand that these fanatical Ferrari fans see Hamilton as a threat to the superiority and high status they hold for Ferrari.

Upon arrival in Italy Hamilton is reported to have said “When I arrived at this race, a lot of Ferrari fans have asked me to go to Ferrari. I wasn’t expecting that. Ferrari have not had a championship since 2007 so there is that yearning of seeing their favourite team succeed. I am sure they are relating to the fact that I have won the title for the last few years.” 

With one more year left on his Mercedes contract Lewis has previously expressed “If there is a point in my life where I need to decide I want to change teams, then Ferrari could be an option,” If Hamilton wants to stop the Tifosi from booing him, is there only one option ahead of him? Should he wear the red suit and drive the prancing horse? Let us know in the comments.


    1. Hmmm. I’m not sure. I believe the reasons why Hamilton is unlikely to go to Ferrari are either:

      A. Mercedes never take a dip in performance till LH retires

      B. There isn’t any space when his contract is up for renewal.

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