Why Lewis Hamilton’s “Machine” Statement Is So Crucial For 2020

Lewis Hamilton is undoubtedly a driver who continues to strive for the best out of himself and his car all season. Having secured 6 titles and narrowly missing out on a further two, he is also one of the most accomplished drivers in history.

Recently, a statement made by Lewis grabbed the attention of the biggest news stations. A statement that every driver would say and try to follow through with, but none would carry the crucial nature behind it like Hamilton’s does.

“I’m going to be a machine this year, on another level than ever before!”

All news companies have focused on the fact he is going for a 7th title, or the fact he is out of contract at the end of 2020. There is however, another angle, which I will analyse for you here:

Since his rookie season in F1, Hamilton has shown his talent in the car. He has beaten some of the all time greats of the sport and even has the record for the highest number of career poles at 88. In many eyes, he has always been the driver to beat.

Since the arrival of Max Verstappen when he was just 17 and being promoted to the front running Red Bull team at just 18, it was clear a new generation of F1 talent was on the way. The career of a top F1 driver often ends while they are in their mid-to-late 30s. Schumacher retired in 2006, aged 37 while Hamilton is now 35.

I’m not about to go on and say the machine comment is all about his age, because realistically, it’s not, but having been in the sport since 2007, it means the next generation is just around the corner. In 2019, Charles Leclerc took the most pole positions of anyone, a title Lewis has had each year since 2015.

Hamilton’s comments that he is “going to be a machine this year” is stating the fact he is going to ‘up his game’ or ‘improve’ for a simpler term. The fact that Hamilton is going for a seventh world title is motivating enough to ‘step up’ for the coming season but with the rise of new drivers, I believe he is also upping his game to make sure he beats them.

Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc are both just 22 years old. When Hamilton started in F1, they would both still be in Primary school (only relevant if you know the UK schooling system… sorry). They were both showing their immense pace and hunger for success this season and it is clear that Lewis is aware of that.

It was back at the Italian Grand Prix where a audacious overtake attempt and a controversial move by Charles Leclerc meant Hamilton spoke about changing the way he races, still learning the way the rules are decided.

Hamilton often talks about his challenges, whether it’s on track or not. It implies that he recognises the rising talent and is stepping improving himself to beat them in 2020.

We are thoroughly looking forward to the 2020 F1 season and all the action that it’ll bring. Hopefully it’ll be another thriller!


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